Dentistry is Art

What makes a dentist an artist?

Art is the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

Dentists take care of the aesthetics of your smile.  The demands of cosmetic dentistry require an artist’s touch for optimal appearance of a patient’s smile.  The preparation and restoration of a tooth is like creating a functional sculpture piece that restore quality of one’s healthy life. There is no piece of artwork that could be more rewarding or challenging than that!

Dentist: Doctor, ENgineer, and arTIST

The area that a dentist works in is small and precise, requiring an artist’s eye and a doctor’s precision.

DENTISTRY is an ART form.

Dental prosthetics are a good example of science and art working together. Through diligent research, dental professionals have developed ways of obtaining perfect impressions to capture the most detailed blueprint of an individual’s smile. Choosing the correct material to replicate their patients’ teeth while providing the proper function is also important and requires a blend of aesthetic savvy and scientific aptitude.  While appearance is a crucial factor, the benchmark for success is measured by the balance struck between comfort, beauty, and function.

Balancing Art and Science

A dentist who can balance art and science will always consider the implications of their work. They understand that both function and beauty are important to their patients. A good dentist will consider all aspects of your dental condition including your gums, teeth, and jaw health.

When your dentist combines an evidence-based approach with an eye for beauty, you can trust that they will only recommend treatments that support your overall oral health.  At Svoma Design in Dentistry, Dr. Gregg has an eye for beauty and a heart for your overall health.  We invite you to come and see what your smile can be at Svoma Design in Dentistry!

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