Dentures…Are you a GOOD Candidate?

Dentures…Are you thinking you might be a candidate?  Here are the signs that indicate you may need dentures and the treatment options available.

Denture Services
Dentures MIGHT be an option for you if you have experienced the following symptoms…

Red and Swollen Gums

Sensitive gums that are red and swollen are usually the first warning sign of something more serious – periodontal disease. Untreated periodontal disease causes bone loss that results in tooth loss.

Loose or Moving Teeth

If your teeth are loose or shifting, this could indicate progressive periodontal disease. Loose teeth signal decay in adults and may be a consequence of periodontal disease. Are your teeth growing gaps?  Time to consult a dentist!

Severe Toothaches

Do you have substantial tooth sensitivity that just won’t go away? This toothache could signal decay that has made a way to your nerve, causing discomfort.

Difficulty Chewing or Digesting Food

One symptom that may be a less-obvious indicator of the need for dentures is painful chewing, especially when you eat hard or chewy foods. This is a sign that your teeth may have significant damage. Suffering from chronic indigestion? It may be because you aren’t able to chew as functionally as you were before thus taking larger bites which causes stomach pain.

Treatment Options

There are a few options that you can explore with us at Svoma Design in Dentistry!

Partial Dentures

When you haven’t experienced substantial tooth decay, partial dentures are the better option. These dentures only replace a portion of your teeth and rely on healthy teeth around the denture for support. Partial dentures anchor by precision metal clasps. These look like teeth and can be a great solution for missing teeth!

Immediate Dentures

A major concern with dentures comes with the healing time after your teeth are extracted. It can take up to four months for your gums to heal enough to support dentures, but immediate dentures allow you to replace missing teeth right away. You will NOT walk away without teeth!  You will be fitted with an immediate denture that allows your gums to heal.

Full or Conventional Dentures

Full dentures are the variety we’re most familiar with. You can only wear standard dentures once your gums have healed. It takes about four months or more for your gums to heal enough to support a final, standard denture. The fit should be amazing because you have healed completely, and your final set will be custom made…just for you!

Other Options?

You don’t necessarily have to resort to dentures to correct missing teeth. Dental implants are becoming more common and affordable for patients with failing teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants are firmly fixed in your bone, and they are a permanent fix for missing teeth. While they may be a better option for some patients, they are more expensive than any denture option. Some patients may not have enough bone strength to support dental implants, which makes dentures the best course of treatment.  It is important to analyze your bone structure to determine whether implants are for you.

Benefit Time!!

*Increased confidence
*Eases your ability to speak
*Healthier shape to your face
*You SMILE again!!!
*Family pictures become a moment of pride, not hide!

Final Thoughts on Dentures…

The idea of dentures can be frightening, but know you have several treatment options! We encourage you to schedule a visit with Svoma Design in Dentistry soon. We are denture experts, knowledgeable and excited to help you achieve your ideal smile!

We change lives. Not Just Smiles