Dental Insurance…Explain this to me…

So…what’s the deal with dental insurance?

Lots of patients ask us, why does dental insurance seem to be so skimpy and cover very little of the things I need?  Well, first things first, you and your insurance company have an agreement.  This is an arrangement that was built by your employer and the insurance company.  Nobody asked ME…but that is for another blog!

We will always provide you with the clinical information that you need to make informed decisions on your best care, however this is not based on your insurance coverage.  Our advice is based on your personal dental conditions and the best procedures to get you on the road to optimal dental health.  Insurance companies don’t base your benefits on your needs. Insurance companies base it on what they can profitably provide based on your agreement with them.

Unfortunately, some people believe that if an insurance company doesn’t cover a service…it must not be valuable.  On the contrary!  It isn’t a reflection of how important or valuable the service is, it is based on a master contract drawn up by your employer and the insurance company.

If your insurance company refuses to pay or pays less than you think it should…one important thing needs to be remembered:  dental insurance is designed to offset the cost of your dental treatment.  Really want to dig in? Here is a website that could help you get more about this topic:

At Svoma Design in Dentistry, we strive to help you maximize your benefits by filing your insurance claims for you.  The goal of our practice is to provide you with the BEST value for your treatment. Using the finest materials, techniques, and treatments to provide you with the greatest possibly longevity is our purpose.  Patchworking your treatment is NOT an option. 

Dentistry should be affordable.  We believe that it isn’t dentistry that is expensive, neglect is expensive.  We have payment solutions to help make it easy for you to get quality dental care that you WANT. 

Quality dentistry is a gift to yourself for a lifetime.  It is an investment that pays dividends every time you smile….and it says a thousand words about how you feel!  Don’t miss another family picture or avoid smiling one more day!  Contact us to schedule an appointment to find out how the dental artistry at Svoma Design in Dentistry can give you the smile you deserve.  Call Svoma Design in Dentistry today or see our website at!

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